Rebels No.03 Cushion Cover


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The Rebels cushion covers feature a selection of our favorite paintings from the Te Whana - Rebel Rider series.

The name originates from how museums and institutions label Māori as rebels. When exploring the Te Papa collections, the referenced flags are typically titled "captured Maori Rebel Flag." Here, we celebrate these Rebels as heroes, riding in peace and ready to assist.

Our throw cushions are made from hemp and organic cotton and printed with a soft hand feel.

We love hemp because of all the positive effects and benefits including;

  • low water demands in the growing cycle.
  • no pesticides or fertilisers required
  • highly antimicrobial
  • protection against EMF radiation
  • naturally biodegradable
  • water absorbent
  • breathable
  • gets softer over time

50x50cm cushion cover

Images are visual representations, colours and saturation of the finished product may not be identical to images shown here.