Aroha me Humarie Cushion

I printed this design on some nice lightweight hemp fabric we had lying aound the store. I thought black would be nice and after printing decided that a couple of cushions could be choice and here we have the result that i'm pretty happy with. I then started pondering whether i should do some more items like this and decided that yes i should. I had a think about branding - apparently i need to have a brand and one that stuck is Aroha&Friends. So there you have it, the humble beginnings of a little product range from Aroha&Friends. Sweet. Now i just have to come up with the rest of the collection.

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Under the Lights

Under the Lights

Rio Hemopo in the area


Lani Rota December 11 2016

How do I order for xmas PLEASE?

admin June 16 2010

sure thing

Alice February 26 2010

Sweet print! Hope this will be going up on your store site… Look forward to seeing more from Aroha & Friends!

debra June 15 2010

Hi ,
I LOVE these cushions?
Would you send down to Christchurch?
On another note-do checkout my website ,I make fabulous jewellery -and you are the type of store I’m looking for!
kind regards