sylvain descazot works on paper

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Syvain Descazot and partner Anouk arrived in HB around october last year and approached us to use our printing department. we obliged and soon after had the pair working for us and after some six months the couple are returning to france. we like to think of it as our artist in resistance program, like woofing for creative travelers. we would like to keep the program running but are not sure if we will find as great a pair as these two french brettanians.

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some old prints made into new cushions

Under the Lights

Under the Lights

sylvain descazot x katie brown


Nick September 6 2010

Are any of their works for sale?

When is your online shop going to be up and running again.?

admin September 6 2010

soon buddy… let me know which ones you like and i can get the price.